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Maintain your vehicle’s health by getting a transmission fluid change and flush regularly. Regular transmission maintenance helps your vehicle run stronger for longer. This is why many vehicle manufacturers strongly recommend a regular and scheduled maintenance at least once a year. Cut Rate Auto Repair offers transmission repairs for cars and trucks of various makes and models. You can trust that our mechanics can take care of all your vehicle’s transmission needs and keep your car running smoother for longer.

Catch signs of transmission problems early before it becomes worse and more costly! Here are the common signs: Shifting delays, slipping, grinding, “Jumping” during acceleration when shifting gears, shaking at any speed, burnt smell from under the hood, leaking fluid, clunking or screeching sounds coming from the vehicle, cloudy transmission fluid with foul smell, gear shifter (for manual cars) is hard to move or won’t shift to desired gear. Drop by our shop at the first sign to avoid costly complications.

Eliminate the Problem at the First Sign

  • Automatic and manual transmission

  • Transmission service

  • Clutch repair

  • Driveshaft repair and rebalancing

  • Drive axle repair

  • CV Axle repair or replacement

  • Transfer case repair or replacement

  • Differential repair and service

Scope of service:

The transmission system is a complex structure that requires knowing hands for its regular maintenance or occasional repair.  If your transmission is starting to show signs of problems, it is best to take it to our shop right away for inspection.  We will entertain your whatever questions you may have about your car’s transmission system, ensuring your peace of mind. Visit our shop today!

Trust your transmission system with the professionals